September 04, 2013

I have a new mantra for life, FIND A WAY. I have been thinking a lot about Diana Nyad since she accomplished her life long dream of swimming from Cuba to the Florida Keys this past weekend. This got me to thinking, how much do we want something? How easily do we give up?  If you have children you know that you always tell them that they can do anything they want, achieve anything that they want if they are just willing to go for it, work for it. How often do we all give up on our dreams because we just did not put enough effort into achieving our dream?  We try once, maybe twice and then give up and move on.  We may keep it on our wish list but rarely do anything to move it onto the "to do" list. I believe Diana herself called the swim "her extreme dream". 

Diana said her mantra for this swim, her fifth and final attempt, was to FIND A WAY. No matter what came at her, she just kept repeating "FIND A WAY".

Nyad has been chasing this dream since she was thirty years old. She has made four previous attempts.

One of the online quotes that I read about her said it best, it said, "she freaking made it". I just love that quote, she freaking sure did.   

Diana Nyad’s record and groundbreaking swim this past weekend is the kind of affirmation that gives everyone hope and a tangible example that if you want it badly enough you will FIND A WAY. As we all know now, Nyad is the first person to complete the life threatening swim between Cuba and the Keys without a shark cage.  She battled rough currents, debilitating jellyfish stings, and SHARKS for heavens sakes!

All three of these obstacles being the literal version of what we all bump up against as we swim through the choppy waters of everyday life.

We swim into rough currents that toss us back to shore or make it extremely difficult for us to make any headway.

No matter what we do, we are constantly running into sharks of one sort or another. And then there are the jellyfish of life, the slippery slimy, beautiful things that sneak up on us and sting us when we think we are in peaceful seas.

Think about this for a moment, she has wanted to do this for thirty four years and she finally did it, swam the 110 treacherous miles, at sixty four!

Diana Nyad has a fit body, she had a team of experts giving her food and water, (which she could not keep down) protecting her from jellyfish and monitoring her heart rate. But in the end, experts say, her success came down to one essential part of her body – her mind, her desire to FIND A WAY. By the way, she was literally throwing up the entire fifty three hour swim.

How many of us would have climbed back on the boat and said, “take me home"!

Whatever the mountain to climb, I am convinced that you can FIND A WAY.  What is the old saying? If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. What is the old Woody Allen saying, 80% of success is just showing up?  

Thank you Diana.


Mrs. Jones

A young Diane Nyad




In the water with her jellyfish proof mask on

With her team in the water


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