Fruits and Vegetables

July 10, 2013

Happy Summer! This past Saturday my twins and I headed into downtown DC to go to the Eastern Market, a wonderful in and outdoor farmers market, craft fair and prepared food happening.  We always get a homemade pickle from the pickle man, a pretzel bagel dog and a homemade iced limeade or lemonade.  Then, we shop.  We always bring home dinner.  Fresh veggies, homemade pasta, organic meat, whatever our heart's desire.  My girls both found some very unique, costume jewelry.  It was really hot, like 95 degrees and really, really humid.  Yuck!  I digress.

The market got me thinking about veggies and jewelry, nature and jewelry and lo and behold......Hemmerle!  Their redesigned site opened this week and what a treat it is.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cut and paste on the link below.  Here is just a little "taste" of what their collection. So different, so unique!




diamonds - white gold - brass
Diamonds, silver, white gold
Sapphires, white gold, silver, copper





Eastern Market 







Real Veggies!



Mrs. Jones






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