Year of the Snake

June 11, 2013

I love serpent jewelry.  Love it.  It is really popular right now.  It tends to go in and out of fashion kind of like the skull motif which I also adore and liked before it was all the rage.  I digress.  Serpent jewelry, how to wear a snake.

2013 is the year of the snake in the lunar astrological calendar.  People born in the year of the snake appreciate beauty and enjoy fashion.  It's a feminine sign, associated with luxury and style.

The snake is also one of the most enduring inspirations for jewelry, from Cleopatra's bangle to Queen Victoria's engagement ring, a symbol of eternal love and eternal life. Prince Albert presented Queen Victoria with a snake ring that was set with an emerald head, emerald being the Queen's birthstone.

Today snake jewelry is as fashionable as ever, with snaky styles by Lorraine Schwartz, Stephen Webster, Bulgari, Boucheron and Neil Lane.  Zoe Saldana wore a snake ring to the Oscars.  Rhianna and Alicia Keys were adorned with serpent jewlery at the Grammys and Julianne Moore wore a Bulgari snake bracelet to the Golden Globes.

The year of the snake is a year of fabulous fashionable serpent jewelry, here are a couple of my favorites, including a bracelet and necklace for sale at Mrs. Jones & Co.!





Roman Rings from 1 AD: as stylish now as they were then


Victorian Turquoise Snake Bangle with Ruby Eyes, circa 1850




Cleopatra's Iconic Gold Snake Arm Band

Dramatic Kasumiga Pearl Earrings by Lydia Courteille

18 Karat Mesh Bracelet, Mrs. Jones & Co.

A handmade reclaimed brass and leather necklace at Mrs. Jones & Co.  

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