June Birthstones

June 05, 2013


Today seems to be a wonderful day to start my blog.  It is sunny, 79 degrees and there is no humidity in the air on June 5th.  Unheard of in Northern Virginia.  I have spent most of the day outside and forced myself to come in and create my first post. I have been thinking a lot about how much I like the June birthstones, pearl, moonstone and alexandrite.  Pearls and moonstones are two of my favorite gemstones so beautiful and unassuming, available in a variety of colors and shapes.  I love them!  Alexandrite is a curious blend of two colors, which color displays itself is dependent upon the light at the time. It is green in both daylight and fluorescent light and purplish red in incandescent light.  A really good color change is hard to find and pretty costly.  I love gems and jewelry!

Here are some fun photos of moonstone earrings, a pearl bracelet and a beautiful color change alexandrite.  Enjoy!





Mrs. Jones











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